Lab members

Current lab members

David Stephens (2001- ) started the lab in 2001. He studied Biochemistry at Royal Holloway College, University of London and did his PhD at St. George’s Hospital Medical School (also University of London). This was followed by postdoctoral research first with Prof. George Banting in Bristol and then with Dr Rainer Pepperkok at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany. David’s time there as an EMBO Long term fellow learning advanced light microscopy while working on COPII-dependent secretion. Following award of a Medical Research Council Non-Clinical Career Development Fellowship in 2001, David started the lab in Bristol. In 2005, David secured a Medical Research Council Non-Clinical Senior Fellowship He takes up his academic post in Bristol in October 2010.

David is a recognized expert in cell imaging, including publishing high-profile reviews and editing a book on cell imaging and another more recently on methods for the analysis Golgi function. Our work has led to many internationally recognized research publications, invitations to speak at prestigious meetings (e.g. Japanese Biochemical Society, Gordon conferences and EMBO workshops), and to contribute high-profile review articles (e.g. in Science and Nature). David has also served on committees of the Royal Microscopical Society and British Society for Cell Biology and was until recently a member of editorial boards for Traffic and Biology Open. He is now an Editor for Journal of Cell Science. David is also an affiliate of BioRxiv. the new biology preprint server operated by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

David tweets (mostly) about Science @David_S_Bristol

David is also now the Chair of the Steering Group of the Wolfson Bioimaging Facility (which is on Twitter: @Bioimaging_Bris) and teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Biochemistry.

Laura Vuolo (2016- ) joined the lab following her PhD with Sebastian Pons at the  Institut de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona. Her previous work showed how ciliary adenyl cyclases are involved in Sonic Hedgehog signalling.  Her new project will investigate the role of the cytoplasmic dynein-2 microtubule motor in the formation and function of primary cilia.

Nikki Stevenson (2013- ) joined the lab in November 2013 as a postdoc following completion of her PhD studying the ability of GRK2 to modulate initiation of inflammatory responses in endothelial cells in Dan Cutler’s lab at LMCB, UCL. Nikki will be working on the mechanistic basis of giantin function in matrix secretion and ciliogenesis.


Janine McCaughey (2016- ) completed her Masters thesis in 2016 at the Leibniz University Hannover. While in our lab for one of her research projects, Janine worked on the organization of ER exit sites in relation to collagen secretion and taking advantage of our recently installed STED microscope for some super-resolution imaging. This resulted in our paper in Cell Reports.