Joining the lab

Postdoctoral researchers

We currently have funding for a new postdoc.

A postdoctoral position is available within the lab of David Stephens to study the role of the dynein-2 microtubule motor in assembly and function of the intraflagellar transport machinery in primary cilia. This project is aimed at defining the interplay between dynein-2 and other ciliary multiprotein complexes including the IFT complexes, BBSome, and kinesin-2 motor. The work is in collaboration with Kazuhisa Nakayama’s lab in Kyoto. The successful candidate would work alongside Laura Vuolo and you can read more about our work leading up to this new project in her recent paper:

Roles have been defined for microtubule motors and intraflagellar transport (IFT) proteins in cilia function but little is known about how the co-assemble and work together. This project will tackle this challenge using gene editing, mutagenesis, imaging, and proteomics to develop a molecular understanding of the interplay between these complexes. A PhD (awarded or imminent) in a relevant field is essential with experience in research in a molecular cell biology/biochemistry lab environment.  The post is available until Feb 2022 in the first instance.



Others might wish to consider fellowship routes such as EMBO, HFSP, Newton, or Marie Curie schemes. We welcome enquiries for suitable candidates. We will consider supporting the most able candidates for these but please ensure you are eligible.


Graduate students

The only current funded option to join the lab is through our Wellcome Trust Dynamic Cell Biology PhD Programme.

Other specific studentships are advertised through

Otherwise we welcome applications from students who have scholarships or fellowships to fund their own studies.

Undergraduate students
In general, we are unable to accept interns or summer students for more than one week unless their stay in the lab is funded. This is to ensure fair access for all regardless of ability to work without getting any income. For undergraduate students this could be through relevant Wellcome Trust, Nuffield, Biochemical Society, or British Society for Cell Biology schemes. We will not be hosting summer students in 2018.


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