Microscopy – a painful transition to Windows 7…..stalled

Volocity does not drive a Coolsnap HQ2 under Windows 7

I am posting this in case it pops up in anyone’s Internet searches for similar issues:

We have a pretty standard fixed cell imaging system running on a Windows XP PC.

It has a Photometrics Coolsnap HQ2

We use Perkin-Elmer (formerly Improvision) Volocity software to drive the system. We do however run an older version of the software having run out of money to maintain the continuous upgrade path (known as a Software Maintenance Agreement with Perkin Elmer). Microsoft has now forced us to switch from Windows XP to a newer OS. I could normally cope with this – reinstall a few things, update some drivers and off you go.

Sadly, in this case, no.

The Coolsnap HQ2 is supported under Windows 7

Volocity (even version 5.4) will run on Windows 7

Unfortunately the cnombination doesn’t work:

Volocity does not drive a Coolsnap HQ2 under Windows 7

I should add that Perkin-Elmer, Photometrics, and our own University IT guys have bee great through the process but to no avail.

Perkin Elmer are investigating whether there could be a solution but for now at least, there isn’t. Unless we change to Micromanager. Which we could but isn’t as simple and user-friendly for a broad lab like ours….We may have to do this and so be it.