Evaluated: Trichoplein and Aurora A block aberrant primary cilia assembly in proliferating cells.

I evaluated this paper for Faculty of 1000:

A Inoko,M Matsuyama,H Goto,Y Ohmuro-Matsuyama,Y Hayashi,M Enomoto,M Ibi,T Urano,S Yonemura,T Kiyono,I Izawa,M Inagaki
Trichoplein and Aurora A block aberrant primary cilia assembly in proliferating cells.
J Cell Biol 2012 197
PMID: 22529102 DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201106101

I really liked this paper as it provides a simple outcome through very thorough data. The work here shows that trichoplein acts to suppress the formation of primary cilia by activating the protein kinase Aurora A at centrosomes. Suppression of trichoplein expression using RNA interference (RNAi) induces the formation of cilia in cells that would not normally form these structures. As one might expect from this, overexpression of trichoplein prevents cilia formation in quiescent cells.

This work builds nicely on previous findings showing that trichoplein is recruited to centrioles by ODF2 {1} where it drives recruitment of ninein. Previous data have also shown that trichoplein regulates the contacts between the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria. It will be interesting to define whether these activities are linked.

{1} Ibi M. et al (2011)Trichoplein controls microtubule anchoring at the centrosome by binding to Odf2 and ninein. J Cell Sci 124: 857-64