F1000 evaluation: DCDC5 linking dynein and Rab8

I have evaluated the following paper for Faculty of 1000. The evaluation is also available on their site at: http://f1000.com/13459956

Linking cytoplasmic dynein and transport of Rab8 vesicles to the midbody during cytokinesis by the doublecortin domain-containing 5 protein.

A Kaplan, O Reiner

J Cell Sci 2011 Dec 1 124 Pt 23:3989-4000 PMID 22159412 DOI 10.1242/jcs.085407

This paper shows that the doublecortin domain-containing 5 protein (DCDC5) is expressed selectively during mitosis to link Rab8-positive vesicles to cytoplasmic dynein. This link is important for the completion of cytokinesis, presumably to drive post-Golgi trafficking to the midbody. The data show that DCDC5 interacts with both Rab8 and its exchange factor Rabin8 as well as dynein, potentially providing a link between dynein coupling and Rab8 activation. This work provides a simple and clearly defined role for this protein and highlights a cell-cycle specific mechanism used to link membranes to microtubules. In addition to the many ways that are used to link membranes to motors in interphase, this work provides a nice example of mitotic regulation of motor coupling through control of expression of the linker protein.