Why start this blog

The primary aim of this blog at the moment is for me to see if it is a worthwhile venture. I plan to include updates of what we are doing/thinking in the lab, where are projects are going and where we are having any breakthroughs. It is likely to reflect my Twitter feed too – including some thoughts on relevant and pertinent science funding and policy issues. I am also likely to blog about the odd meeting or two that I attend, nice articles I have read, and really who knows what else.

Whether this is useful to you will likely depend on whether you are A) interested in similar things to myself, B) working in higher education, C) working in cell biology research.

Whether this is useful to me is likely to reflect the amount of time that I have to put in to this blog and the amount of info we as a lab might disclose (without prejudicing publication routes or remaining competitive).

In the meantime, here is a test embedded image from our older work….
Microtubule plus ends and ER exit sites